They have a guacamole cart. Do you want to go there?
The tostada salad
That's how it all started.  My husband new of my love for guac and Mexican food and found a new Mexican restaurant in SLO.  Since we first started going to Que Pasa on April 30, we have gone 4 times.  Seriously.  I have a problem and Que Pasa is enabling it.
What's amazing about Que Pasa, compared to other Mexican restaurants (ahem, Pepe Delgado's), the service is wonderful and kind.  The water glasses are big and they refill them quickly.  And don't get me started on the salsa.
Hunter's enchilada. Seriously. Look at this plate.
The salsa must be made from roasted tomatoes, because there are these little black specks that make me love it even more than I should.  The refried beans are smooth and don't feel grimy.  The Mexican rice is well-blended and the seasonings are delicious.  My go-to order is the tostada salad: a delicious dinner that's not too big.  I love the fact they add guac, fresh cheese, and corn salsa to the mix.  My mouth is now watering, but I can't tell Hunter.  I promised I wouldn't ask for Mexican this week.
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